Duane Clark named Co-Exec Producer/Director on “The Messengers”

“And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.”  (Revelation 9)

In the white-hot sun of the New Mexico desert, a mysterious object plummets to Earth and explodes in a blinding flash, sending out a shock wave that causes four disparate and far-flung characters to collapse… only to miraculously come back to life hours later.  All awaken with powers they can barely believe, from inexplicable strength to the ability to heal others.  With the arrival of “THE MESSENGERS”, the wheels of Revelation have begun to turn, and this group of strangers might be mankind’s only hope for preventing the impending Rapture…or causing it.

The series stars Shantel VanSanten (“Gang Related,” “One Tree Hill”), Jon Fletcher (“City of Dreams”), Sofia Black-D’Elia (“Betrayal,” “Gossip Girl”), JD Pardo (“Revolution”), Joel Courtney (“Super 8”), Anna Diop (“Everybody Hates Chris”), and Diogo Morgado (“Son of God,” “Sol de Inverno”).

THE MESSENGERS is produced by CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Entertainment, in association with Thunder Road Pictures with executive producers Trey Callaway (“Revolution,” “CSI: NY”), Basil Iwanyk (“The Town,” “The Expendables” film franchise, “Clash of the Titans” film franchise) and co-executive producers Eoghan O’Donnell (“Teen Wolf”), Kent Kubena (the upcoming “Gods of Egypt,” “Turistas”), Duane Clark (“CSI”, Vegas, Miami, & NY}, “Hawaii 5-0”, “Helix”), and Ava Jamshidi.

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