Five-0 stars offer advice to local actors

It was the kind of afternoon that aspiring Hawaii actors normally only get to dream about: The stars of the CBS drama “Hawaii Five-0,” its directors, producers and casting gatekeepers all taking their questions about landing a part. But there they were Sunday on the stage at Tenney Theatre. “Five-0” stars Alex O’Loughlin, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, executive producers Peter Lenkov and Brad Turner, director Duane Clark and Rachel Sutton, the show’s casting agent.

Lenkov and Kim started talking about ways to improve the skills of Hawaii’s actors not long after the show began working on the pilot a year ago.

“Peter quite rightly recognized that the show’s success would allow a lot of you the opportunity to appear in a prime time network television show that is based in Hawaii,” Kim told a capacity audience of 300 people, all of whom had received special invites to the discussion, which cost $10.

“So the question was how could we help you make the most of this opportunity,” he said. “And this panel is part of the answer to that question.”

For nearly four hours, the wannabe stars — some of whom have already had small parts on “Five-0” — received advice about acting classes, preparing for auditions and learning to embrace rejection.

“I hope you’re studying acting,” Park said. “There are very few people who have that much talent and I’m not one of those people. I studied a lot.”

Turner told them that the process of getting a part had nothing to do with personality.

“When we look at a tape of you we are looking at one thing: Is that person going to play that character?” he said. “It’s about if this person suits this character, carries the narrative in the direction we want to go and we believe them.”

Lenkov told the audience not to be discouraged by multiple rejections.

“Everyone is going to get a shot,” he said.

But the biggest applause of the afternoon went to the show’s most unexpected star — Taylor Wiley. He started the series with one scene in the pilot and turned it into a recurring role.

“Can you accept rejection nine out of 10 times?” said Wiley, a massive man who was invited up to the stage to speak. “If you can, you have a chance in this business.”


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